Janhvi Kapoor With Vijay Deverakonda in Fighter? Not Yet

Sridevi’s  popular daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s name is being  touted as  the  leading lady  for Vijay Deverakondain  the  forthcoming  Jagannath  Puri actioner  Fighter.However sources  in Bollywood inform that Jahnvi is  a long way  off from saying yes to this project.

A  source  close  to the Kapoors informs me, “Yes , she has been approached. But  there’s no  indication  of her  being in  Fighter. Janhvi has earlier said no to plum assignments with Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan Tejain Telugu.She has  to have something  to do in the script  before she agrees  to make her debut in Telugu cinema.Fighter  has little  for  the girl to do.Also, the way the heroines are  projected in  Puri’s cinema makes Janhvi and her  father (producer  Boney Kapoor) uncomfortable.In any case she has just started  inBollywood.  Its too early for her  to go South.”

The  whole rigmarole  about Sridevi’s daughter working with Deverakonda seems to have started on KaranJohar’s chat show where Janhvi confessed she had a crush on Deverakonda.But that random confession was  just a passing thought.

Jagannath Puri and his team seem to have taken off  from that minor incident and built a whole screenplay of Deverakonda  pairing with Sridevi’s daughter

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