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Janhvi Says She’s Okay With Karan Johar Asking Her Uncomfortable Questions




What’s it  about Karan Johar’s couch that loosens  his star guests’  tongues?  Last week  on Star’s Koffee With  Karan Janhvi Kapoor and her friend Sara Ali Khan ended  up talking about their  ex-boyfriends , ‘sex with with their ex’, etc.

What does  Karan put in his guests’ coffee?

 “Nothing,” laughs Janhvi  Kapoor. “I don’t think Karan MAKES  us do or say anything on his  show. We all have a comfort level with him. And  Karan is  the  kind  of  person who can laugh at himself. He  encourages  that attitude in  everyone  around him. We really enjoy his company.”

    Janhvi admits  Karan’s couch has a  liberating effect on his guests, “When we are  on the  couch we forget sometimes that we have a camera on us. That’s the  environment he  creates.It is an environment of comfort and  fun. It  encourages  us to open up. But  honestly, he doesn’t  make  us  do anything we  don’t want to. So I don’t think it’s such a  big deal.”

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