Javed Akhtar On The Purported Ban On Pakistani Artistes In Bollywood .

As one of the most astute articulate  and informed voices in the Indian film industry , poet-writer-thinker-activist Javed Akhtar is understandably concerned about the escalated tension between India and Pakistan and the ensuing call for a  ban on Pakistani presence inBollywood.

Opines Javed saab, “The situation is indeed serious and requires drastic measures. If we look at the scenario what we are constantly getting  are terror attacks , whether it is Pathankot, Mumbai or Uri…we always find Pakistan’s name being linked to terror in our nation.”

He sees the necessity for cultural exchanges between the two countries, but wonders at what cost!   “Cultural exchanges have their own place in relations between any two countries. However the cultural exchange between India  and Pakistan has never been  balanced . India has always been most gracious and welcoming of Pakistani artistes, whether it is Ghulam Ali , Mehdi Haasan, Nusrat Fateh Ali…the list of distinguished visitors from across the border has been long and illustrious.Whether it is singers , writers poets, we’ve always shown the utmost warmth to them in our country.”

Javed Saab recalls  Pakistan’s pre-eminent  poet  Faiz Ahmed Faiz visit to  India “He was treated by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee like a head of the state. He had full security and was escorted by a fleet of cars everywhere in India. But this sort of hospitality and privilege have not been given to an Indian artiste in Pakistan, not even Lata Mangeshkarwho is by far the finest

and most popular

singer of the Asian subcontinent.


Javed Saab wonders why Lataji has never been able to visit the neighbouring country. “They



Lataji in Pakistan. Distinguished poets in Pakistan have written poems about her voice. Why has she never been able to visit Pakistan for even one concert?

It’s because  it is very difficult for

the Establishment in Pakistan


to accept that there is an Indian singer so revered and popular in Pakistan”

He feels the cultural relations between the two countries have always been lopsided. “And now at this time when the relations between the two countries have hit a low ebb, the situation—whether it is terror  being exported from the other side,or  the lopsided cultural exchange between the two countries—makes us Indians uncomfortable.More  and more Indians are questioning our open-arm policy to Pakistani visitors when all we get are terror attacks in exchange.”

However there is the other side of the picture.

Explains Javed Saab,  “We must draw a distinction between the Pakistani establishment  and the public. The Pakistani public loves Indians entertainers, be it actors or singers. If there are no public performances by Indian artistes in Pakistan, is it  the public that is responsible? Or is it the Establishment ?  If Lata Mangeshkar has not performed in Pakistan is the public responsible?  Not at all ! Given half a  chance the Pakistani public would warmly invited Indian artistes.  But the Establishment would not allow it.Poets like AliSardar Jafri and Kaifi Azmi and writer K A Abbas were warmly welcomed in Pakistan by the public. But their government-sponsored radio and television channels did not feature even a brief interview with them.

The poet exonerates artistes on both sides of political machinations. “Artistes in Pakistan and India are equally innocent.Their presence in either country should not be politicized.Artistes coming into India are the only sector open between the two countries.If  Pakistani artistes are stopped from coming to India, the




and the Pakistani army

would be very happy. This is exactly what they want.And if we discourage Pakistani artistes from coming we


playing into the


fundamentalists’ hands. ”

Regarding the silence of the Pakistani artistes over terror attacks Javed Saab argues, “I would understand the hurt Indian sentiments if Pakistani artistes tried to defend Uri or any other terror attack.But their silence doesn’t mean approval. It’s just caution about the safety and wellbeing of their family.”

Shabana and Javed Saab have paid many visits to Pakistan in the past.

Says the poet wistfully, “I don’t think the Pakistani awaam is  against India and Indians. Not at all. Hopefully the tension between the two nations will be defused soon. Look at Europe. They were so splintered at one time.

Until April 1945 they were bombing one another.

Now they use one currency everywhere in Europe. .”

When told how singer Asha Bhosle was abused by some Pakistanis when she tweeted ‘Jai Hind’ Javed Saab chuckles,  “I will tweet my ‘Jai Hind’.

It’s my birthright to praise my country


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