Javed Akhtar Sends Legal Notice to T Series, Malik Brothers, Rajesh Roshan

Javed Akhtar who has just won a hard-earned battle  favouring  lyricists and singers  in the copyright war with music companies, is livid about the  creative vandalism  that is prevalent  in  the dastardly  culture of remixes  .

The latest  remix  is a balderdash version  of composer Rajesh Roshan and  poet Javed Akhtar’s 1996 hit Ghar se nikalte hi  kuch derchalte hi raste mein hai uska ghar. The beautiful love song rendered originally  by  Udit Narayan   was featured  in the  film PapaKehte Hain .

Now it comes  to us in a shockingly revised, some  would say subverted version, sung by Armaan Malik.Shockingly  there is no mention  of composer Rajesh Roshan in the music video which credits the composition as  “Music Composed & Reprised by AmaalMalik”

Even more shocking is  the fact that  Javed Akhtar’s lucid  poetic lyrics have been  completely changed and credited to one  KunaalVermaa.

Disgusted and  angry Javed Akhtar has  taken  legal action against his  desecrated song. “This has  to stop.And I’ve taken the legal recourse.I’ve sent legal notices  to the people responsible  for  doing this to  Ghar se nikalte hi. Today they change  the lyrics of one of my well-known songs. What is to stop them from changing the lyrics of  Ae mere watan ke logon, the patriotic classic  that has the nation weeping may make us weep in another way altogether  if, God forbid, they  decide that poet Pradeep’s immortal lines  need updating and revalidation. The  new version of Ghar se nikalte hi makes no mention of my lyrics, Rajesh Roshan’s composition andUdit Narayan’s singing. This is  sheer vandalism.”

Shy and  reluctant to get into any controversy composer Rajesh Roshan  reluctantly opens up. “I heard  the new version of Ghar senikalte hi just a  few days ago. I was speechless.

I saw

 no mention  in  the music video (featuring Armaan Malik and a model) of either me   , or Javed Saab  or Udit Narayan. How can they do this?”

Rajesh Roshan whose  imperishable  songs in Julie, Kunwara Baap, Aap Ke Deewane, Doosra Aadmi and Mr Natwarlal are remembered  to this day , says he was hesitant to take  action until his  brother actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan  advised him . “These are big players. T Series is a powerful  company.  It seemed difficult to challenge them. But I spoke to my brother.And he says  we must take  action. There is no end this kind of creative vandalism. Film music has  hit rock-bottom. A composer like  me  finds it impossible to work with today’s  producers. They want  to tell  you exactly how  to compose,  which notes to play, which rhythms  to put in which part  of  the song. I can’t be  bullied  by producers.I am used to working in an environment  of  complete  freedom. Now there is only the freedom to steal other people’s ideas and creativity.”

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