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Jaya Bachchan Kept Away From Aaradhya, And Now Taimur Is A Stranger To “Daadi” Sharmila Tagore!



It’s a matriarchal world for star kids Aaradhya Bachchan and Taimur Ali Khan.Both the star-kids  have little to with their star-father’s family and spend as much  time as possible with their  maternal grandmother and their mother’s side of the family.

Says a close family friend  of the Bachchans, “Have you ever seen even one picture of Jayaji with her Abhishek’s daughter Aaradhya? Whenever in the public domain we see Aaradhya only with her Naani Brinda Rai. Her Daadi never accompanies Aaradhya.The child hardly ever gets time to spend withJayaji. Even at home with the Bachchans, Aishwarya prefers to take care of every single detail regarding Aaradhya .And when Aishwarya needs help with Aaradhya she calls out for her mother, never her mother-in-law.”



We now  see a similar pattern emerging in Taimur Alia Khan’s life. He is constantly seen visiting his Naani Babita . But we hardly, if ever, see the child with his Daadi Sharmila Tagore.

Jaya Bachchan Kept Away From Aaradhya, And Now Taimur Is A Stranger To “Daadi” Sharmila Tagore! 6


Says a family friend, “Pehle toh Sharmilaji Dilli mein rehtee hain aur phir unhe zabardasti Daadi ban-ne ka koi shauq nahin hai (firstly she lives in Delhi and then she has no interest in playing the doting grandmother). She will meet Taimur when it is convenient for her and  his parents.”

In the meanwhile both Aaradhya and Taimur will grow up wondering where their  Daadi fits into their lives.

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