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Jhootha Kahin Ka So Crazy Makes You LOL



Jhootha Kahin Ka

Starring  Rishi Kapoor, Jimmy Sheirgill,  Lilette Dubey, Jimmy Shergil, Sunny Singh, Omkar Kapoor

Directed  by  Smeep Kang

Rating: ***(3 stars)

If  you ask me what this wild and  crazy film is  about, I’d be hard pressed to give you  a summary. Let’s just sayJhootha  Kahin Ka (my title would have been  Phir Wohi Dil Liar) is   trippy fun if you don’t think too much about the rigorously disembodied  outflow of  a comedy of errors where one  of the young heroes poses as  the  son-in-law  of  his bestfriend’s girlfriend’s family.Shakespearean and  Anees Bazmian.

I am still trying to figure  out  motives  and  character  motivations in this  comic subterfuge where director SmeepKang seems to have the most  fun.We just can’t  help joining in. I’ve taken the  help of  those  Bollywood-comedy buffs who  wallow in this kind of jumbled  identity crisis where everyone talks loudly and at cross purposes  without  saying anything  that  means anything even remotely  coherent.Even they are  nonplussed  but tickled  blink.

 The dialogues are  zippy and the  wisecracks flow with a freeflowing celerity leaving  no room for  quibble let alone questioning.

It must be said that  the  senior actors score much higher than the  youngsters who aren’t bad but no match  to  their peers. Omkar Kapoor and  Sunny Singh bring  a roguish charm  to  the proceedings. But their love interests have little room to display any charm if any.

It is Rishi  Kapoor  who imparts a  virile comic energy to his  sketchily-written characters .He fumes and flirts  his way  through  a  fleet of  episodes that  range from the  comic to  the  bland. Rishi is  a  hoot  flirting with his wheelchair- bound neighbour Manoj Joshi’s coquettish  wife Lillete  Dubey. It’s  good to see Rishi Kapoor back on screen. He was much missed   and  he makes a strong impression  in  the supremely slapstick  surroundings.

 Rishi is  even better fuming and  ranting at his  brother-in-law,played with a pokerfaced  asininity  by Rajesh Verma. Such actors can never let a script down. And when  the ever-dependable  Jimmy Sheirgill joins in  the  confusion midway,  it is time for the laughs to get louder ,The  gags grow more aggressive  as  Jimmy together with a  sidekick (played by an unknown actor who is  absolutely brilliant)  whip up a farcical frenzy of  their own.

By the  time the  over-punctuated  climax  hurls to a halt Jhootha Kahin ka left me breathless and  giggly.  Silly can be  fun. Very  silly can be even more fun. Provided you  don’t think too much,

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