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Jim Morrison Was The Reference Point For Ranveer’s Dance Steps



While we  can’t stop marveling at Ranveer Singh’s evil act  in  Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat we  must also look at some of his statements on the way the role was interpreted, allowing leeway for the passionate exuberance of an artiste who has scored  a big victory with the critics and masses.

A  source  close to the project spills the beans  by saying, “Ranveer claims to have been so traumatized playing Allauddin Khilji that he had to visit a psychiatrist, that  children  would run away from  him  when they saw him in the villainous makeup…All this  is Ranveer’s enthusiasm talking. He  is such a  natural at his job, he gets into character in a  jiffy. Ranveer would be  laughing  and  joking on the sets. The minute he was in front of  camera he would portray red-hot evil.There was  no trauma or emotional baggage.”

 Interestingly the dance steps in Ranveer’s  Khalbali song-and-dance were inspired by American rock musician   the legendary Jim Morrison.

“Sanjay Bhansali had seen  music videos  of  Morrison performing live on stage. He told Ranveer to look at them ,” says  the source.

Apparently Ranveer is satiated with playing evil for now. He won’t say yes to anything negative for a while.

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