Jim Sarbh’s ‘Rape Joke’ Shocks & Shames The Film Industry, Kangana’s Laughing Response Is Even More Appalling

Jim Sarbh the actor  who played the  terrorist in Neerja  and  Ranveer Singh’s androgynous  sidekick-lover in Padmaavat , was probably trying to be the  life and  soul of the party at the Cannes Film Festival this week, when he cracked a joke that  insults  not  just rape victims but also Punjabis.

The laughter  that Kangana greeted the “joke” with has resonated right back to  India fron Cannes  shocking the entire  film industry.

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A director who worked with Kangana  says, “I don’t know  who this Sarbh is. I guess he was looking for attention in Cannes.But  more than the supposed  joke I am offended by Kangana’s laughter at the joke. She  loves to pose as a champion  of women’s empowerment. I’d like to ask her what is so empowering about a rape joke  or a dig atPunjabis?”

Earlier  it  was Salman Khan who  faced ferocious flak for making a rape  reference  during the promotion  of his film Sultan.

Perhaps  actors need  their lines in  public to be pre-rehearsed  and severely screened to avoid  making a fool  of themselves.

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