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John Abraham Ko Comedy Nights Se Bachao

Not funny.After Akshay Kumar and  Hrithik Roshan another A-lister John Abraham has sworn off the cheesy antics of Comedy Nights Bachao. Apparently the  Force 2 star who graced the disgraceful comedy show was most uncomfortable with the  so-called jokes aimed at his biceps and  acting skills .

John who is known to be a  hassle-free fun guy was looking quite uncomfortable on the show.

He admitted he is in principle opposed to public appearances to promote a film. “Just because I am on X or Y show on television laughing joking and dancing  it doesn’t mean people will go to see my film. 5,000 people may gather at a mall to stare at us during the promotion of a film. But it doesn’t follow they will come to see my film. It’s finally the quality of the product that decides a film’s fate.”

John is unlikely to grace the reality shows and dance shows in future to promote his film.


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