John Abraham’s Pramanu Plans Get Digital Disapproval, Teaser Blocked

It seems to be a war to the finish between  John  Abraham and KriArj Entertainment, the production company that has accused John of serious breach of  contract.

On Thursday evening  John unilaterally released a  teaser trailer  of the disputed film Parmanu: The Story Of  Pokhran. The  tackilycut trailer  with  no style or substance, soon disappeared  from John Abraham’s twitter  account with an announcement saying  “The video has  been removed in response to a report from  the copyright  holder.”

The teaser which has a voice-over by Boman Irani and montage shots of great historical events such as  Kapil Dev’s winning the World Cup in 1983, makes no mention of KriArj  Entertainment the co-producers  of  Parmanu.

“Clearly  Mr John Abraham has decided to go ahead with his imagined ownership of a film that rightfully belongs to KriArjEntertainment as they’ve put Rs 30 crores in  the project,” says a source  close to KriArj.

Acting swiftly KriArj’s legal team informed every major digital platform of the copyright infringement , thereby ensuring that the “illegal” teaser was stopped from broadcast.

Apparently several  trailers have been edited and rejected over the past months by the film’s producers  for being unfit for broadcast. The trailer that John  insisted on putting out  on Thursday evening was not approved of by his production partners KriArjentertainment. The trailer mentioned only John’s  JA Entertainment as  the producers.

KriArj’s legal team is now petitioning for the seizure of all promotional videos and related footage of the film until the dispute between John and his producers is solved.

“There  is a clear infringement  of copyright laws in the way John  Abraham  is  putting out promotional  content  of Parmanu mentioning his  own JA Entertainment as  the sole producers. KriArj  entertainment will   move the  courts  to  the stop the copyright violation at  any cost,” says the source.

John Abraham was unavailable for comment.

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