Judwaa 2 Censored: CBFC Cuts Varun Dhawan’s Pelvic Thrust For Being Too Sexual!

The French have a way of putting across  home truth from abroad. Their lucid aphorism “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” meaning, “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”, seems nowhere truer than chez the Indian censor board where it was hoped by some misguided elements that the departure of one  ‘P’(Pahlaj) and his replacement with another(Prasoon) would bring in revolutionary changes in certification  norms.

But David Dhawan who has been making films for three decades was in for a shock when on Friday he submitted his new comedy Judwaa 2 featuring his son Varun Dhawan in a  double role to the CBFC.

An outright fun fest it’s  got  family appeal stamped  in every frame.Apparently the censorboard members strongly objected to Varun’s spirited dancing. They not only asked for it to be toned down  they also found his pelvic thrusts in one dance movement to be  so vigorous as to appear copulatory.They’ve asked Varun’s pelvic thrust to be  removed.

Director Dhawan has gone into a state shock.

While he refused to comment a source very close to the director wondered  if we are regressing to the era  of Puritanism.  “Because David has shot many pelvic thrusts in the past that were far far  more suggestive. Govinda’s pelvic thrusts  in  the songs Sarkaiy liyo khatiya and Aa aa ee  in David’s Raja Babu were openly copulatory. In comparison Varun who is very popular among kids is a Walt Disney hero, incapable  of  doing anything risqué. Besides,  Varun was being directed  by his Dad. Would he  do anything vulgar  with his father around?”

The  reasoning cuts no ice with the CBFC. Varun’s pelvic thrust goes  out of Judwaa 2.

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