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Jungle Book: Don’t Go By Rudyard Kipling’s Book, This One Is Scary


Jungle Book: Don’t Go By Rudyard Kipling’s Book, This One Is Scary,Says Censor Chief Justifying the ‘UA’ Certification

Jungle Book is said to be one of the most beloved children’s books of all times.

Yet the  new film version of the Rudyard Kipling novel which opens this Friday, has been granted a ‘UA’ (suited for children only if accompanied by an adult) certificate by theCensor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) leading to renewed raised eyebrows among theCBFC baiters.

Censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani justifies the UA certification for Jungle Book, “Please don’t go by the reputation of the book. See the film and then decide on the suitability of the content for kids. The 3D effects are so scary that the animals seem to jump right at the audience. It’s not just the story that determines certification. It’s the overall presentation, the packaging and  most important of all, the visual affects used to tell the story. In Jungle Book the jungle animals jumping at the audience in 3D is startling. It’s up parents to decide how much of these effects is suited for their children.”

In fact, says Nihalani, there is an inbuilt problem to the ‘UA’ certificate  that needs attention. ‘UA certification gives the parents the right to decide whether they want to take their children for a film. But how do parents know the exact content of a film when they visit a film? We granted  ‘UA’ to Kapoor & Sons. But we’ve received objection to kids being allowed into the film.”

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