Just   In…. Bieber Is A Dud In India


Why are we so enamoured of all things Caucasian? We have our own Arjit Singh and Armaan Mallik. But we still think Justin Bieber is worth our hard-earned money.

With tickets priced at anything between Rs25,000 to 1 lakh and a viewership that ranged from politician Amar Singh to  wannabe starJahnvi Kapoor,you’d think the patrons at the Bieber concert would be treated with love and respect.

Far from it. What the audiences were subjected to was the shoddiest treatment possible.

“Basic amenities like washrooms and  drinking water were lacking at the venue.And the personnel put up to monitor audiences were rude and impatient,” says a VIP spectator who came away …ummm….underwhelmed.

Coming to  the music that Mr Bieber belted out on that sultryWednesday evening, apparently he lip-synced his own songs on stage.

Is this what was promised to the audience?

Says the VIP spectator, “When the band Cold Play had come  a few months ago Chris Martin SANG the songs on stage, Justin Biebermimed the numbers. There was no connect with the audience, no attempt to reach out beyond the cursory ‘We Love You, India’ declarations that meant nothing.”

The heat  plus the complete  absence of on-stage enthusiasm, did the Justin Bieber concert in. Says a young Bollywood actress, “I went to the concert a big Bieber fan. I came away covert ed. There was nothing in his on-stage presence to suggest any sense of connectivity with the audience. And he left the stage abruptly.Apparently a  post-concert party had been arranged for him  where he was supposed to meet the who’s who of the entertainment world.He skipped that. He just upped and left in his private plane.Did he do us a favour by coming to perform in India?”

More importantly can we do ourselves a favour and not pander to the whims  fancies and demands of juvenile  performers who will never grow up because we don’t allow them to act as mature adults.

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