Justice League Misses Its  Release Date Due To Censor Stockpile

Many Other Films  May Miss Their Release Date​

There is  much consternation and  panic among  filmmakers lined up  for  censor certification. The  CBFC rule  that films must apply for certification 68 days in advance has driven the  industry  into a  state of panic.

The axe has fallen on the dubbed  Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions  of  the new Hollywood  franchise Justice League which failed  to procure censor certification on time.

A source  from Warner Brothers  revealed, “We somehow managed to get the original English version  of Justice League certified in time  for release. But the Hindi Tamil and Telugu versions fell prey  to the 68-day rule.  The  dubbed versions could not be censored as the censor board  has started following  the 68-day timeline  strictly  from this week onwards.”

Apparently  the Warner Brothers representatives  requested for an exemption to the rule just this once as their advance booking for Justice League in Hindi Tamil and Telugu had already opened.

Says  the  source from Warner, “We requested  the censor board to at least give this film an exemption from the  68-day timeline as  we already had the censor certificate  for  the English version from before the  rule was strictly  implemented.Unfortunately they haven’t yet obliged.Hopefully the CBFC  would view at least  the Hindi  dubbed version  of Justice League  today ,and  we can still release the Hindi  version later this week. But the Tamil and Telugu versions are unlikely to be released  this week.”

The sudden setback in release plans created a situation  of  panic in theatres across India, as  advance booking for the Hindi Tamil and Telugu versions were already opened.

This problem is not going to end in the near future.

Says a  leading producer, “It is unreasonable and absurd to expect us to submit our films 68 days in advance, and that  too the complete  and  fully edited version. Films are in post-production till days before release. How can they be given to the censor board so  much in advance? I  believe  several films whose release dates are announced  in the coming weeks won’t get censor certification because  of the 68-day rule.At least the the previous CBFCchairperson Pahlaj Nihalani would listen  to us and try to help us. Prasoon Joshi is inaccessible.”

While Prasson Joshi remained….errr….inaccessible Pahlaj Nihlani’s reaction to the above comment was a  classic:  “It’s like the elder Bahu being seen as  less evil by her mother-in-law when the  younger Bahu arrives.”

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