Kaabil Gets ‘UA’ With Minor Verbal Cuts, CBFC Praises Film

Rakesh Roshan is a happy producer.At least for now. His eagerly-waited film Kaabil was granted a ‘UA’ certificate by the Censor Board Of  Film Certification(CBFC) with 4 minor verbal  cuts.

Sources at  the CBFC say it was easy to certify the film. “All Of Hrithik’s film are clean family-oriented. Though Kaabil is a revenge saga it is not excessively violent . It is a very emotional film.And we feel  it should be watched by every one. It is the best revenge story since Ghajini.”

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Producer Rakesh Roshan says he’s happy with the censor certification. “We don’t mind the cuts at all because they don’t hamper the story’s flow. We are happy with the censor certification.”



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