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Kaabil Leaked Online ,Bengaluru Company Jumps In To Do Damage Control

Every producers worst nightmare has come true for Rakesh Roshan. His film Kaabil has found its way on the internet on several sites.A Bengaluru-based content-production industry Airplex Software Pvt Ltd was employed to swiftly remove the pirated film from all the websites.

However  it is felt by most of the film industry’s leaders that stern measures need to taken to curb piracy.

Says  Rakesh Roshan, “Unethical practises that are killing the  movie business  can stop  only when those perpetrating these  illegal activities understand the gravity of their misdeeds and realize how damaging piracy is to our movie-making business. Unless they realize what they are doing, piracy is unstoppable.”

The CBFC’s chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani warns that Dubai is the new hub for  piracy of  Bollywood  films.“Direct import from Pakistan into India is prohibited. Since movies are exported and imported between India and Pakistan through Dubai,a lot of the piracy is done in Dubai. Earlier the CBFC was blamed for piracy. But it’s been proven beyond doubt that the censor board has nothing to do with piracy. The menace needs to be checked at the post-production stage of films and when films travel to Dubai.”

In the meanwhile  Bollywood  film producers, already hit hard by demonetization , are looking with renewed terror at the damage perpetrated  by film piracy.



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