Kabir Khan Rubbishes Rumours Of A Rift With Salman

Nowhere is  there more internal strife and jealousy than in entertainment industry.

As a close friend of Salman Khan says wrily, “Here they can’t bear to see any two persons being close . That’s why these rumours  of Kabir Khan and Salman fighting during Tubelight. After two blockbusters and one more on the way it is time to separate them before they make  a fourth moneyspinner together.”

Kabir completely rubbishes the rift rumours. When I contacted him for a response to the stories doing the rounds about his fights with Salman, Kabir terse reaction was, “This is complete rubbish. In fact I’m about to leave for my shooting today.”

While Kabir will say no more a  close friend  elaborates, “Salman collaborating on the sets is nothing new. He started becoming progressively participative during his film’s shooting during Dabangg. Then onwards he has been consistently giving his inputs for all his films.For Sultan Salman even sat on the editing and post-production,  Kabir took Salman’s inputs during Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Many of Salman’s suggestions were incorporated in their earlier film together. Why would  Kabir mind now?”

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