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Kabir Khan’s Next : Katrina Kaif With Salman Khan

It’s more like wishful thinking than actuality. Reports of Deepika Padukone and Salman Khan finally being cast together in Kabir Khan’s next film are not only false but also improbable.

Reacting to these rumours of casting Deepika in his new venture Kabir says, “It’s all conjecture. I have not spoken to Deepika about this film.”

While Kabir clams up on any more details on the project  sources indicate it is Katrina Kaif, Kabir’s leading lady in  3 of his 5 feature films, who is most likely to feature in his next Salman starrer.

Says a source in the know, “Salman is in the process of healing Katrina’s heart and career after the breakup withRanbir Kapoor. He wants Katrina to  regain lost ground, as she had opted out of a number of projects in pursuit of  matrimony that did not happen. He has strongly recommended her to his friends Sajid Nadiadwala and KabirKhan.”

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Kabir who is a very close friend of Katrina’s is unlikely to switch loyalties to another leading lady at this juncture when she needs all her friends to support her.


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