Kader Khan’s Son Says He Will Receive The Padma Personally

 Although  the Padma Shri  given to the late and  in his own right,  great,  Kader Khan is being seen as a  case  of too-little-too-late, Kader Saab’s son Sarfaraz  says he’s  happy with the Indian  government’s decision  to  honour his father.

Responding to  the Padma Shri from Canada Sarfaraz says, “It(the Padma  Shri) is  a statement  on my father’s hard work in Indian cinema  for   45 years.And  I  accept it  woth joy pride and  humility on his behalf.”

But surely, the Padma  would have made  more sense  if it had been  given while Kader Saab was still alive?

Replies Sarfaraz, “If God is happy with what an  individual has done in his life, He  will find  a way to give love and respect  to that  individual even when he’s gone. I  will be in India to receive the honour on behalf of my father.”

Kader Khan’s family  is  also planning its own tributes. One hears  of  at least three books  on the  versatile  writer-actor being authored. A museum of Kader Khan memorabilia  is  also  being  planned. And a bio-pic  with Amitabh Bachchan playingKader Khan  is  on the anvil.

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