Kahaani 2 Gets UA With No Cuts

On Tuesday evening, the producers  of Kahaani 2 walked out of  the censorboard office with an–clear certificate.

The  film was granted a ‘UA’ certificate with no cuts whatsoever.

“It’s a clean ‘UA’ for Kahaani 2 with no cuts. And director Sujoy Ghosh is breathing a sigh of relief. Any cuts in the taut suspense thriller would have disrupted the flow of the narrative. Sujoy was exceptionally tense.Luckily the film sailed through the censor board  totally unhampered,” says a source.

A source from the censor board describes Kahaani 2 as a  “compelling and  aesthetic thriller…We  wouldn’t dream of touching even a shot of  Sujoy Ghosh’s vision.”

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