Kajal Aggarwal: Not At All Daunted By The Twin Failure Of Gabbar & Brahmotsavam


Two of Telugu cinema’s most ambitious projects in recent times Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Bramhotsavam have under-performed at the boxoffice.

But their leading lady remains as enamoured of Telugu  cinema as she was when she started her career with Laxmi Kalyanam in 2007.

Doing some retrospection on the two massive failures in Telugu the spunky and pretty actress surmises. “They were very big films. And there was no question of saying no to them. Though in Sardaar Gabbar Singh I was cast a docile princess I still enjoyed the film. With my co-star Pawan Kalyan’s star-power behind it  we thought we had winner. As for Bramhotsavam , although I am there only in the first-half I love my role. I don’t play a decorative doll—I try never to–but an empowered girl with a  mind of her own who actually says no to marriage with the hero. I loved it.”

Kajal Agarwal

Kajal Agarwal

About the two films not working Kajal shrugs, “We all want our films to do well.And it’s hard luck when that doesn’t happen. But there’s no point in sitting around brooding and sulking over it. The best thing to do is to move on.”

Kajal has done just that. She is  back doing another Telugu film and very excited about it. “It’s an untitled  political drama with Rana Daggubbati.Again I  play a girl with a  mind of her own.In fact she is the only positive element in the plot.”

This political drama re-unites  Kajal with her first director Teja. “He had directed me in my first film LakshmiKalyanam in 2007.And now I am working with him again! Back then I was terrified of facing the camera. NowIam far more confident. But the respect for my director remains intact.”

Besides the untitled political drama in Telugu Kajal is working in a Tamil film Kavalai Vendam . “It’s a very cute rom-com, and also a very funny film.I am paired with Jiva , and it’s great fun,” says Kajal who now dubs her own lines in Telugu and Tamil.

Kajal admits she is more fluent in Telugu. “I enjoy doing both Tamil and Telugu films. But I find is easier to speak in Telugu.It has more Sanskrit in it, and find that connectible.”

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