Kajol Gives Us A Real ‘Kajol’ Gift On Her Birthday

Some  ideas just can’t go wrong. Take  a spunky Mom, put her in the same educational institution and in fact the same class  as her  child , and  the rest just follows , specially when the two roles are played by two accomplished actors  like Kajol and Riddhi Sen , the sparks fly willynilly.

The  trailer  of  Pradeep Sarkar’s  Helicopter Eela moves on such a winsome premise that  going wrong is not an option.And why should it? When Kajol occupies,  no,   takes over, every  frame as though to the bak-bak born.

She  is  Eela, if you must know.She is single and  she is strong.And  it seems  she has decided to go back to college  even if it means  embarrassing her son, played by  the very talented Ridhi Sen , the 20-year old Bengali actor who won  the National  award  for best actor  this  year. Luckily Ridhi is no walkover in  Helicopter Eela, even though the  entire film seems  a showcase  for Kajol’s undeniable talent.

The chemistry between the  on-sceen mother-son propels  the  film’s  unalloyed predictability into areas of  unforeseen  excitement.  Plus  there’s  genuine warm  and humour  evident  in  the trailer.

I didn’t see any  other actor except Kajol and Ridhi  even trying to  make  any impression in the trailer. But once Kajol is on  screen  it really doesn’t matter who else shows  up, or doesn’t. This is a  good year  for female heroes. Hopefully Kajol will take  over from where her cousin RaniMukherjee left off in Hichki.

No hiccups here,  for  sure.

Incidentally Helicopter Eela is a very strange title for a film. So was Nil Batte Sannnatta. Both based on the same premise: Mom gets educated  in  the same class as  her  child.Small world.

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