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Kala Chashma In  Baar Baar Dekho Finds Katrina In Great Shape



The title of the film Baar Baar Dekho evidently refers to Katrina Kaif. In the song Kala Chashma she looks like a zillion bucks with her well-toned physique and her Chikni chameli swag.This is her coming-out song, the home-coming. ‘Look how happy I can be even after whatever happened to me’ number.

If only Siddharth Malhotra could match her sexy slinky strides.He looks   anxious, at times frantically so, to look well-matched with the captivating Kaif. But sorry to say the pair looks as disastrous, at least in this song,   as Katrina and Aditya Roy Kapoor in…shiver…Fitoor.

There, I said it. There is something terribly mismatched about Katrina and her new crop of heroes.When she dances with Malhotra,Katrina seems to be leading the festivity, while Siddharth pants after the beats.

 Badshah and Prem Hardeep’s song itself is a bit of a beat bombshell. As Katrina and Malhotra get into the grooves the track  explodes into many tiny particles of guilty pleasure. But the ethnic chic of the pair never quite adds up to something substantially sexy. Instead Kala Chashma  seems like a track that you may just swing  and sway to because it tries so hard to get your attention.You know,  like being into a shaadi dance just because the baraatiwould mind if you didn’t dance.

As a vehicle to show how well Katrina has mastered the power to hold the camera as she just has fun dancing KalaChashma gets it right. Though I don’t see it doing anything for the sunglasses business.

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