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Kalki Brings Out The Dancer In Naseeruddin Shah




NRI director Anu Menon’s film Waiting is about two individuals who bond over impending bereavement in a hospital. Naseeruddin Shah plays a man whose beloved wife has gone into a coma. He  meets Kalki Koechlin whose husband is involved in a near-fatal car crash.

The bonding of bereavement between the two strangers takes on many facets. But for Naseer the most petrifying manifestation of  his repressed self was in a sequence where he was required to break into an impromptu jig with Kalki.

Naseer, as is well known, is the most nervous dancer on that side of Sunny Deol.

Naseer may have managed to score dance points n Oye oye(Tridev) .But that triumph aparat any indication of a  dance sequence makes Naseer a nervous wreck.

Nonethless in Waiting he has managed to dance like there is no tomorrow.

Recalling his dance phobia, Naseer says, “There was a dance class in the film institute when I was a student, which I never attended. It was called playback and we had to play few songs and action them. I never went to the class. I didn’t even appear for that exam.
Facing the camera to do a jig with a natural-born dancer like Kalki was a nightmare for Naseer.

Says the method actor, “It’s always been  one of my nightmares to be able to dance in front of the camera, though having done Oye oye (Tridev) and Ooola la oola la (Dirty Picture) has extended my career by a decade each time. So I am kind of grateful to it… but I don’t believe myself to dance well… I tried as hard as I could to enjoy myself while dancing with Kalki.”

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