Kalki Koechlin: Of course I enjoy attention, I’m an actor!


Kalki Koechlin Speaks To Subhash K Jha On Working With The Unconquerable Naseeruddin Shah  In Waiting, and Being So So Single

Waiting gave you a chance to work with one of India’s finest actors ever? Were you intimidated, awed by Naseer , though you have worked with earlier?

I was when I did The Girl In The Yellow Boots. This time, thankfully not. I think I came prepared, and I was my character  Tara in front of Shiv , not Kalki in front of Naseer. He’s a pleasure to work opposite because he is so in character.

What was it like to portray trauma and bereavement? Did the role depress you?

No. It drains you at times but it’s strangely therapeutic also to get those emotions out.

How much of the emotions were you able to generate from within yourself?

I think we always draw from our own lives and our own emotions, that’s an important part of making the character relatable.

Waiting opened along with Phobia, another film that offers a strong part for a female actor. Good time to be an actor in Bollywood ?

Yes. I loved Phobia, an excellent thriller and Radhika is absolutely brilliant in it. I feel happy with the risks people are willing to take on new scripts.

Your growth as an actor has been strong and steady? Do you feel you have found acceptance in spite of your unusual cultural background?

Yes. I feel  finally accepted.  It’s been quite a journey for me  so far.

Your character Tara in Waiting uses abusive language. Do you think it is okay to use four letter words even if the censor board doesn’t?

When it is rated an Adult film yes I think it is all right to use curse words, it is a reflection of real life. That’s how I speak in real life. I do use cusswords…it’s ok!

Tell me about your forthcoming films?

I have Konkona Sen-Sharma’s directorial debit A death In The Gunj, where I play Mimi a half-Bengali half-French character. And Mantra directed by  Nicholas Kharkongor is yet to be released.

How difficult/easy is it to be  a single woman in Mumbai? Do you get hit on . Do you enjoy male attention, up to a point?

Of course I enjoy attention, I’m an actor! But I prefer when the feeling is mutual and not one- sided.

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