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Kalki Koechlin Plays An Actress Whose Sex Scene Is Leaked

In a new short-film entitled Naked Kalki Koechlin  plays an  actress whose sex sequence is leaked on the internet.

Kalki has been there,done it , and paid the price. “It’s a role  that I could completely identify with. When Ritabhari Chakraborty (the Bengali actress who also plays the other lead in the film) came to me with the idea I instantly connected with it. But she had to rewrite some of it.We played around with the material , rehearsed a lot.”

The  film shows Ritabhari interviewing Kalki’s character, the “fun and fearless” actress Sandy  just hours after the traumatic experience  of her intimate sequence  going viral.

Says Kalki, “I’ve been though this experience, once when a scene was taken completely out of context from That Girl In Yellow Boots and put on the net with a weird background music . It shattered me. When again a sexual scene was leaked from Margarita With  A Straw this time I even refused to look at it. What’s the point? Cyber safety is still being worked on. Only now there are provisions being worked on to do away with anonymous trolling on Twitter. But the process will take time to be understood. In the meanwhile we continue to be victims of cyber crimes.”

Kalki  says she completely understood where her character Sandy came from.  “There she was,  with  her intimate scene splashed all over the net. On top of that she had to deal with an interviewer who had her own issues. The journalist was new raw inexperienced and was being forced to ask all these rude questions from me by her editor.”

Kalki  hoped to build an empathetic bridge  between her actress’s character and the journalist in 10-12 minutes of playing time. “It was a tough call.I had to draw her out . Hopefully at the end of the interview the journalist won’t write the rubbish that her editor has told her to ask me. Or maybe she will be forced to write that rubbish.And maybe there is a second more compassionate interview in her head now.Or maybe this encounter with her  character would give her better perspective on her life and career for future reference. We are both so emotionally naked in the film.”

Naked helped Kalki pin down the troubled star-journalist relationship. “They are doing their job. It is up to us how we guard our private space.Social media and the internet don’t allow us the privilege of privacy any more. We are constantly subjected to rude questions and intrusions.I really liked what this film had to say. Hopefully the message comes through.”


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