Kamal Haasan 34th Fracture… Is Recovering, Says His Better-Half Gautami


Kamal Haasan who fractured his leg on Thursday, is recovering well.

Speaking on his behalf his life partner Gautami Tadimalla says, “He is recovering well. He has a fracture on his right leg. But it’s taken care of.And he’s resting.The doctors expect to send him home in about a week and then he’d  require a few weeks of  rest and recuperation.”

For now, the shooting of the comedy Shabash Naidu which Kamal Haasan directs and plays the lead in,remains suspended.

This is Kamal Haasan’s 34th bone fracture in the line of duty. Yes. he has broken his bones 33 times before.

Recalling his most serious injury Kamal  Haasan said, “In a Tamil film, ‘Kaligan’, 10 years ago, I did an action scene in a subway. Again, it was a relatively easy sequence. But a car sped up and hit me smack on my spine. I landed on top of the car. Then, when it halted, I went under the wheel.
I dislocated my jaw, my nose was cracked and I had three fractures. I thought I’d never walk again. That’s when I made a comedy called ‘Ladies Only  to feel better.”

Then again while shooting a Hindi  comedy  Mumbai Express Kamal Haasan was shooting with a child actor on a motor cycle when the vehicle turned turtle. To protect the child from injury Kamal Haasan took the full brunt of the fall.
Asked if it was worthwhile to take such risks for a few minutes of thrills, Haasan replied: “Funnily, nothing happens in the really risky shots. Accidents happen in the unlikeliest of places.But, yes, we actors tend to follow Steve McQueen’s policy: ‘Why use a body-double when you’ve a good body?'”

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