Kamal Haasan Ensures A Swach Bigg Boss, Takes On TB Politics Headlong

After the potshot taken at the physically disabled in  Bigg Boss in Tamil has toned down its sarcasm about the vulnerable.

Says host Kamal Haasan, “I told them very sternly that they can’t mock vulnerable sections of  our society,and  the disabled are certainly among the most vulnerable. I  threatened to quit the show if they persisted. Now they’ve listened.”

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Surprisingly  all  of Kamal Haasan’s speeches opinions and counter-opinions  on  Bigg Boss are unrehearsed. “I speak entirely extempore. Not a word is rehearsed. That’s the political animal within me.”

The actor-activist came  out strongly this week against corruption in politics asking why the Tamil Nadu chief minister  E.P Palaniswami has not been asked to  step down.

Explains  Kamal Haasan, “These ultimatums were given by many political observers a long time ago, including me.  This is yet another civil call, on behalf of the larger populace who are looking forward to it. The rules by which the political system called democracy is played does not allow for a quicker closure. So this farce I presume will continue for a little more time to the chagrin of the unwitting voters. We did not vote for this leadership. We have the right to ask for its removal if we feel  it is not performing satisfactorily.”

Now  a Tamil  Nadu minister has questioned Kamal Haasan’s mental health.

Laughs the actor-filmmaker-thinker-doer, “I’ve questioned my own mental equilibrium  for  years. Perhaps all of us need to do that , considering the quality of leadership  we’ve chosen, or rather the quality of leadership we’ve allowed to exist.It’s time for a change and I am making every effort to  be part  of that change.”

Interestingly Kamalji is no longer  saying no to politics.

“When did I say no to politics?” Kamal Haasan retorts. “But if by joining active politics you are asking me to  become a part of any particular political party then the answer is , no.That apart I’ve been a political  animal  from the day  I was born. I inherited the will to bring changes  in the political system from my father. 17 years ago I made a  film on the assassination of  my idol Mahatma Gandhi. That  film Hey Rama is more relevant today than ever before.In fact it is going to revived at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi very shortly.”

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