Kamal Haasan: I Am Off The Radar For A Month, Regrets Not Seeing Kabali

Kamal Haasan who suffered a fall last week, is unable to see his friend Rajinikanth’s new film Kabali.

“It’s sad , But the timing of the accident doesn’t allow me to watch the film.I will do so as soon as I can.”

Kamal Haasan suffered multiple fractures in his foot and now he is recovering, though bedridden.

Speaking exclusively he says, “Yes, I am  recovering . It is a quick recovery according to doctors. A tad more painful than my previous hospital sojourns. I am off the radar for a month.And for once not thinking about work at all.”

This is Kamal Haasan’s first holiday  in years. “I needed a break, I guess.And I got a  break, in more ways than one. Three breaks, actually. There  were three fractures in my leg. I was in constant pain for  about a week. Now it’s healing.”

Reliving the accident Kamal Haasan says, “It happened so suddenly and the reason for the fall was so silly, I can’t even talk about it. I fool around in my office at Eldams Road all the time.This was an occasion when it just backfired.I’ve had several accidents and some really nasty falls. But all during the course of my work. But this time it was for a pointless and avoidable reason.”

So what happens to the 3-language comedy that Kamal Haasan is doing with his daughter Shruti Haasan?

“Nothing ! I am the director and the male lead of Shabash Naidu. Until I recover the film remains suspended. But as I said, there is no  hurry. We can take our time.We may have a problem with Shruti’s dates, as she is a busy artiste.”


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