Kamal Haasan On Why His National Awards Committee Chose K Vishwanath For Phalke

Kamal Haasan who has done two of his best films Swathi Muthayam and Sagar Sangamam with Dada Sahib Phalke  winner  K Vishwanath, was on the committee to select the filmmaker for the honour.

Kamal says he was delighted to be part of the honour. “It is only when one becomes a part of a committee selecting the recipient of such an honour like Dada Saheb award that you realize how abundantly rich in talent our Indian film industry is.  We had many deserving names but four out of the five members in the committee unanimously came up with their  number one choice as K. Vishwanath. The fourth also had Mr. K.Vishwanath in her list but not as first choice.”

Kamal Haasan, no stranger to cinematic genius, feel Viswanath was a natural choice for the honour.   “In my view the choice was unanimous. The committee felt humbled. The proof of Mr. K.V’s achievement was overwhelming.  I am proud to be part of that committee which selected K.V and also very proud to be part of the fraternity that has given us such a brilliant filmmaker. There isn’t enough governmental or private honours in the country to honour the deserving of the Industry.”

Kamal Haasan rues the mortality of the immortal artistes. “It is painful when you realize such extraordinary talents have only an ordinary average life-span like all others. Even the blessing ‘Sathamaanam Bhavati’ is not good enough for  a phenomenal talent like KV and his creed. I will have many tales to regale with my grandchildren,  about the pleasure of having worked with such a legend.”

Kamal feels there will never be another Vishwanath.  “ In the future people might think that I am exaggerating out of nostalgia. So I put it on record ….It is going to be very difficult for the film industry to produce another talent like Mr. K. Vishwanath.But try, we must. As it is the burden of that duty endowed upon us by masters like K. Viswanath. Bravo sir. The film Industry not only applauds but owns your laurels and you as theirs.”

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