Kamal Haasan’s Shabash Naidu ​Ready To Roll Again​

Now that Kamal Haasan’s  multiple-fractured leg is finally and fully healed the tri-lingual  Hindi-Tamil-Telugu comedy Shabash Kundu  is all set to be completed.

Except that the very busy leading lady of the  film Shruti Haasan who works in films of three languages,needs to make the time to complete her Dad’s delayed project.

Says Kamal with a chuckle, “All three versions of  Shabash Kundu  has a few weeks of shoot left both in India and abroad. Which we intend finishing by August 2017.We will re-start work on Shabash Kundu soon .It  involves a few Hollywood actors along with Indian stars. The most busy one is Shruti Hassan and fortunately I have some connections with her which can put us on priority.”

Kamal Haasan’s voice brims with pride as he speaks of his elder born. “Shruti is a professional and a star-child. Both  Sarikaji and I were actors from our childhood.Unlike her parents who walked with apprehension Shruti is a surefooted star already. I have never directed stars before . This was a new experience. I am only used to directing actors. Shrutiis both a star and an actor, to my surprise.”

The father never felt the need to hold back his thoughts from his daughter. “During her growing-up years all that was needed to be told was told to her in the right time.Likewise in the film . By the way, for the Tamil version of Dasavthaaram she was my coach for my American accent. She had just returned from the US and was the perfect medium to help her father’s Madrasi accent to be transformed into a Yankee accent. She was a bully. She made me do many retakes. And after the dubbing she wanted me to correct some more of my accent. Everyone thought that was taking it a little too far.”

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