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Kamya Punjabi Faces Contempt Of Court

Repeated attempts to serve her a legal notice preventing her from showing the alleged film that she had made on the suicide victim Pratyusha Bannerjee has landed Kamya Punjabi in a  soup. She has now been served a  notice for contempt of court(a copy of the order is with this writer)

Kamya Punjabi disregarded  the honourable court’s stay order against her film on the late Pratyusha Bannerjee . By putting out the film in disregard to the court order she is now susceptible to  charges of  contempt of court.

On Monday Pratyusha’s boyfriend Raj Raj Singh will petition the honourable court for the arrest  of KamyaPunjabi.

Says Rahul, “She is guilty of contempt of court, a crime that can put her in jail for six months. We are petitioning the honorable court for her arrest. If she thinks she can play around with the law she doesn’t know what she is playing around with.”

Raj who spent Pr​a​tyusha’s first death anniversary mourning in isolation says Kamya’s film does grave injustice to the dead girl’s memory. “Pratyusha was known in every Indian household as Ballika Badhu, the ideal daughter-in-law. Kamya Puanjabi’s fake film shows Pratyusha  smoking and drinking. It is unbearable for me to see Pratyusha’s memory being desecrated in this way. I cried when I  saw what has been done to Pratyusha. My tears are for me only. I don’t need to shed tears in public  to gain sympathy. Crocodile tears are for crocodiles,”

​Raj’s parting shot: “Kamya claims there’s something fishy about the legal notice being served to her. Does she think it’s a joke?”​


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