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The Kangana-Hrithik Crisis Will Get Murkier, Next  Level: Who Is Friends With Whom


There is no end to the sordid skirmish between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut regarding their alleged involvement.The crisis which involved  two individuals now threatens to envelope the entire film industry.

Source close to the developments say the war between the two stars who may have been lovers in the past, is unlikely to end in the near future.

In fact the Hrithik-Kangana war is about to intensify.

Says a reliable source, “The emails that have been made public by Hrithik Roshan’s team are an indication of how murky the war is getting. There are no moral guidelines to this war now. Both parties are now searching out friends from the industry to support then openly.”

Hrithik roshan and kangana ranaut

The film industry would now have to stand divided on the issue.

Says a source, “So far most film folks have been fence-sitting over the Kangana-Hrithik issue. But now they’ll have to take sides. As the crisis deepens the two of them are now reaching out to their friends within the industry. These friends would now have to take  a stand , will have to come out in the open to support one or the other of the two.”

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Leaked cozy pic of Kangana & Hrithik adds new twist to tale!

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  1. Matters of heart or affairs cannot be solved in court. They are many more crime and other cases that needs courts and police attention.
    The best thing for Hrithik to do is not to pursue any legal proceedings. I think he should have let bygone be bygones. This has turned into ego issue and ego issues are unsolvable.

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