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Is Kangana Ranaut Talking Herself Out Of The Film Industry?

First the big-talk on  Karan Johar’s talk show where she  called the host  the “movie mafia” and the “flag-bearer of nepotism” followed by the thundering non-performance of her latest release Rangoon.

Karan Johar has now hit back at Kangana saying she should leave the entertainment industry if she finds it so unbearable.

Now writer Apurva Asrani who has scripted Kangana’s next release Simran defends Kangana’s right to assert her individuality and questions karan’s timing for his tirade.

Says Apurva, “He should have said it then and there on his show when she spoke up. There would have been a healthy debate about nepotism and I believe even Karan might have some valid points. To respond one month later, in London, without her to defend herself, has earned him a lot of flak.”

Apurva feels the current controversies would not impact Kangana’s career in any way. “We are storytellers. In Simran we strive to tell a good story with sincerity and passion. Hansal Mehta, Kangana and myself all subscribe to the same belief. I think people will judgeSimran for its unique story and its performances, on its own merits.Besides, Rangoon had four big stars including director VishalBharadwaj.But  ‘Simran’ has her as its biggest draw. And like Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, I think audiences are waiting for her solo outing.”

Adds critic Raja Sen, “I feel anything that keeps her this vividly in the news cycle right after an unsuccessful film can only be a good thing. She is fast turning into the anti-patriarchy poster child and that is creating a distinct space for her, setting her apart from all the other heroines.”


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