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Kangana Ranaut’s creative issues started much before Simran!



While things today stand at an impasse between filmmaker Hansal Mehta and writer Apurva Asrani, because of the bitter fallout between them over his upcoming film Simran, and actress Kangana Ranaut, an actor who has worked with the actress in Katti Batti is not surprised by the developments at all.  

The actor who doesn’t want to be named, as he had a bitter experience while shooting for Katti Batti with Kangana, says that he himself had arguments with her on the sets, says, “But it started first during the Katti Batti rehearsals and came up then – all the drama is happening right now. We would sit and do table reads – once the actors are locked for the first few meetings, you have the director, writer and the principle cast, sit at a table and read the script and pencil and your read through and make notes. In that, the questions by Kangana would be raised frequently. Garbled catch phrases would be used, and she would keep asking stuff like ‘what is the sub text of the characters?’ etc.”

It didn’t end there. The actor adds, “As the script moved through the arc of the second half, she would keep questioning director Nikhhil Advani and scriptwriter Anshul Singhjal ‘Yeh kya hai? Achcha aisa hai kyun?’ So Kangana’s creative interference started way back! Fortunately for Anshul, she didn’t ask for co-writing credits at that time! We all would feel bad for Nikhhil and it’s something he and Apurva would understand mutually and be sympathetic towards now…” he laughs as he signs off.

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