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Kangana Steals ‘Friend’ Ankita Lokhande’s Moment Of Glory



Television actress Ankita Lokhande was looking forward  to her  big dance  item  in  the  Star Plus show Dance Plus as  part  of  the promotion for  the  big-screen  film Manikarnika in which  Ankita has a supporting role  with Kangana Ranaut.

 To Ankita’s dismay and shock, Kangana  called off their  joint appearance  on Dance Plus at the last minute.

“It was a really big blow for Ankita who  has been  struggling for some time to  get a foot into Bollywood. Manikarnika  has been  godsent for Anikta in spite of it being a  supporting role. She has  been doing her best to  get along with Kangana. In  fact Ankita is  perhaps the  only co-star  whom Kangana has  not fallen out with during Manikarnika,” says a  source.

Little did Ankita expect that Kangana  would brush aside their collaborative   spirit  at  the  time when the film is being marketed. That’s exactly what happened.

Says  the source, “Ankita had prepared for two weeks.She had rehearsed  her dance steps  for Dance Steps and was  looking forward  to  being seen on the show. Kangana was supposed to  join Ankita. When  Kangana opted out suddenly Ankita’s  appearance on Dance Plus was cancelled.”

 One hopes  the  debutante’s role in  Manikarnika has survived  to  the extent that she would be noticed.  Other actors from the film claim their roles  have been reduced  to  zilch.

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