7th April 2020

Kanika Kapoor Pulls Out Of The Danger Zone, Bollywood’s Music Fraternity Reacts

Entertainment Industry’s Musical Voices React To Kanika Kapoor’s Health-Hazardous Indiscretion

Entertainment Industry’s Musical Voices React To Kanika Kapoor’s Health-Hazardous Indiscretion

With singer  Kanika Kapoor  showing signs of  full  recovery  from  the  Covid  19 virus  the stage is   set  for her return to  Mumbai. Kanika’s collegues  in  Mumbai’s music  industry  are happy to have her back.

Says Adnan Sami, “I’ve collaborated with Kanika Kapoor before and I look forward  to  doing so again. What  happened with Kanika was  really unfortunate. Luckily  she is   out of it now. She and her  family must be so  relieved. I am happy that she has  recovered.”

Bappi Lahiri who  has  just released a song  on  the  Coronavirus says he  was made to sound unnecessarily  upset with her. “I  never meant to sound so critical  of Kanika Kapoor .I was told  she had skipped  quarantine after returning from abroad and I reacted emotionally. What happened with her could happen to anybody. I am really happy she has  recovered. Kanika Kapoor is  a nice person. I would love to work with her  again.”

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Says  Vishal  Dadlani, “I am glad for her. I hope no one  Kanika Kapoor  met has  been  infected. As for punitive  measures against her for  hiding her symptoms, I’m not sure how the law in UP works, but I assume if the CM can ignore the PM and hold a procession /ceremony on the very first night of the nationwide lockdown, Kanika Kapoor  is perhaps not the most crucial discussion.”

Adds Udit Narayan, “What Kanika Kapoor  did , hiding her symptoms  etc, was inexcusable as  it endangered  the lives  of  so many  people. But no one  should have to go through what she  did. I am  glad she has recovered.”

Adds  Lalit Pandit(one half  of  the Jatin Lait duo): “I am glad Kanika Kapoor  has recovered .I am certain that nothing was done on purpose  but happened because of negligence on her part.Lets hope people who came in contact with her during the isolation period are all well and doing well.Next time,please be more responsible and truthful.”


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