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Kannada Superstar Yash On The Disruption & Resumption of KGF 2 Shooting



A  court order  restraining  the  cast and crew  of  KGF 2 from  shooting in the Kolar Gold Fields, brought the shooting to  a grinding halt last  month.

 But now this week  the  shooting has  resumed , albeit at a different location , in Hyderabad.

Speaking  from Hyderabad the film’s leading man Kannada superstar Yash says, “It  was a small break. Someone with environmental  concerns  got a restraining order against our shooting in the Kolar  Gold Fields.There  was  just two days  of  shooting left on that location. Our legal team  is  working on it.As soon as  we  get permission to shoot again, we  will return  to Kolar.”

In the meanwhile  the crew has  shifted  to Hyderabad.

Informs Yash, “We are  not shooting  the same sequences here that we were shooting at the  Kolar Gold Fields. Except for two days’ shooting which we  will attend  to as  soon  we get  permission, we have finished everything in Kolar . Until then  we will shoot other scenes in Hyderabad, as per schedule.”

KGF 2  also stars Sanjay Dutt alongside  Yash  in a powerful antagonist’s avatar.

“Obviously in a film where the  protagonist’s character  is so powerful, the antagonist has  to be just as powerful,” reasons Yash..

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