After Kapil Sharma, Irrfan Khan Gets Served Notice By The BMC

It seems Kapil Sharma’s tweet accusing the Bombay Municipal Corporation of bribery has  set of a train of Bollywood -related accusations by the BMC of alleged misdeeds .

Right after Kapil impulsively tweeted with the bribe allegation against the BMC, the BMC struck back accusingKapil of illegal construction on his property.

Now it is another entertainer , actor Irrfan Khan’s turn. Apparently Irrfan, known to speak his mind fearlessly on all topics ranging from the politics of communalism to the antics of Bollywood  stars, has been served  a notice by the BMC for illegal construction on his private property.

Bollywood  fears Kapil Sharma has unleashed a backlash by his rash tweet.

Says a senior actor, “He should not have  made such a grave accusation against the BMC , and that too addressed to the PM.I am not surprised that the BMC reacted so quickly . Now I am afraid a lot of  property-related irregularities pertaining to entertainers which were so far buried in files at the BMC would come rushing out. Please remember, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones on other people’s homes.”

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