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Kapil Sharma Is Taking 23 Medications Every Day



As anyone even remotely related to the world of entertainment knows, Indian television’s most entertaining entity is not well.Kapil Sharma is on heavy medication.

He is taking as many as 23 medicines per day. His mental health is a cause for grave worry for all those who care for him, including this writer.Most of the time Kapil sleeps the day out. He slept through his birthday on 2 April.

Kapil is going through an extremely stressful time.In fact when we spoke at length he very clearly told me he is fed up of his commitments and doesn’t want to go on any more. I was acutely alarmed to hear this. He also told me that he no longer enjoyed the work that he was doing, namely the new game show Family Time With Kapil, and that he had spoken to the channel Sony about revamping it.

While I am not at liberty to divulge details about our conversation this much I can say with surety: Kapil is disturbed but his mind is as sharp and lucid as ever. He feels betrayed and let down. The day he realizes he doesn’t need to look towards colleagues and friends for support, he will be born again.

Until then, get well soon , Kapil.

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