Kapil Sharma On The Amritsar Tragedy

Amritsar is ace-entertainer Kapil Sharma’s home-town. The gruesome rail tragedy that killed over 60 people has left Kapil stunned and  dejected.

“It is  strange. I spent  more than two weeks in Amritsar. In fact I was  there hours before the tragedy happened. I’ve never been home for so long at a stretch. I  was elated. Then this awful tragedy happened,” says  Kapil.

 He describes it as  one of the worst calamities in his town. “I’ve never seen death  on this scale so swiftly. Within seconds scores  of people were gone.What sort of karma  could’ve pushed them to this collective death?”

 Kapil condemns  attempts  to politicize the tragedy. “It is the worst thing  you can do at a time like this. Firstly  you are guilty  of  gross negligence .I remember  my show in Nepal was cancelled because the management thought  the newly-constructed stadium  was  not ready. A small country  like Nepal can be so concerned about citizens. Here we  just leave  our people  to survive  somehow, And then when a  tragedy of this  proportion happens politicians try to pass  the  buck. It is shameful.”

Kapil  says he wanted  to  go back to Amritsar  immediately  after  the  gruesome calamity. “But what  can I do over there? Tell me  how I can be useful to the  people  of my hometown at a distressful time like this.”

Singer-actor-entertainer Diljeet Dosanjh who is also from Amritsar adds,  “It is  such a horrifying incident. I am shocked . My prayers are  with the  bereaved.’

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