Did Kapil Sharma Post His Girl Friend’s Picture To Divert Attention From His Fight With Sunil Grover?

The timing for the grand revelation of a secret girlfriend in Kapil Sharma’s life is rather bizarre. Just an hour after Kapil posted  a picture of his girlfriend the story of his violent altercation with fellow-comedian Sunil Grover during an air journey, broke the internet.

A  source from The Kapil Sharma Show says the timing of the “confession” was deliberate. “Kapil knew the news of his midair scuffle with Sunil Grover would go viral , as the ugly incident happened in front of scores of gawking shocked passengers. He decided to create a cute digression by bringing up his secret girlfriend.”

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When the news of Kapil’s airborne  antics went viral he posted a Facebook entry which enraged his comedy team  members.

“What does Kapil mean by saying the team is his family away from his real family? Does that give him the right to abuse? He says this is first fight with Sunil Grover in five years. More like his  first fight in five minutes. They are constantly at loggerheads because of Kapil’s high handenesss. The Facebook post aggravated Sunil Grover’s outrage over the in-flight incident. He decided to quit the show.”

Apparently other actors on The Kapil Kapil Sharma Show have also decided to quit because, as one of the cast members says, “Izzat is more important than rozi roti. Hum log rozi-roti toh kahin bhi kamaa lenge. Lekin izzat kahan se waapas milega(Self-respect is more important than food, We can earn our upkeep anywhere.But where would be get back  our self-respect?)

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