The Kapil Sharma Show Returns In February, Without Sunil Grover

A brand new avatar of the Kapil Sharma Show is being planned by Kapil Sharma and his parent channel Sony Entertainment. Bigger, brighter and funnier than before the new Kapil Sharma Show will bring back all the beloved actors and characters from the earlier show, but not Sunil Grover who seems to have vanished from the entertainment scene.

Kapil Sharma and Grover fell out during a widely-reported midair collision between the two comedians while they were travelling together from Australia to India. Over the months since the incident Kapil expressed his regret over the incident . But there was no reconciliatory response from Grover who told this writer there was “absolutely no question” of returning to the Kapil Sharma Show.
Sharma’s team has now taken Grover’s words seriously. They are convinced Grover has moved on. The Kapil Sharma Show is now being formulated without Grover.

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Says a source very close to Kapil Sharma, “The mid-flight fight was leaked out by people close to Sunil Grover. Kapil never spoke about it.Also,what was given out was a highly exaggerated and lopsided version of what happened. Still, Kapil made it very clear that Grover was welcome back on the show whenever he wanted.”

Grover, however, decided to use the incident to break away from Kapil Sharma’s team and establish a solo career.
Says the source, “Grover repeatedly turned down overtures from Kapil Sharma’s team for a reconciliation. Mind you,

Kapil never directly approached Grover for a patch-up. It was only Kapil’s team. But Grover didn’t respond. He was on his own trip. He wanted to leverage the incident to establish a solo career. When he got Salman Khan’s support Grover was convinced he was on the right track.Salman, for reasons best known to him, boycotted Kapil’s show to promote Tubelight ,and preferred to do an hour-long special with Grover.Both the Grover-show with Salman and Tubelight flopped.Nothing more has been heard off Grover’s career since then.”
Now with the Kapil Sharma Show ready to return without Sunil Grover, where does Grover go?

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