Kapil Sharma: “We all have our way of expressing anger, I do it with gaalis”

Do yourself  a favour. Please don’t make the mistake of  writing off  Kapil Sharma. The entertainer who has  brought so much cheer  into our lives has  nothing to smile about at this point of  time.

 But then tough times, as  all know, don’t last. Tough human beings do.And  of course  good ones.And hang me for saying this. But I truly believe Kapil  is  a good human being.Simple,straightforward, he always tells  it like it is. The deep connect  with the masses is  not  put-on. Kapil  is  really  one of us.You won’t find him mincing words.

In  fact on one occasion he has even gone through a hostile phase with me , when  he had spoken rather  abruptly(never rudely) to me.It was  the  first time and I was taken aback.Later one  of  his team mates informed me that  Kapil was in acute pain when he had called. His back was  screwed and  he was in agony.

 No one cares to see the pain that Kapil is going through. They only see the rude obnoxious tweets. If only they would  see the  provocation behind these unsavoury outbursts  of truancy. No, it is not arrogance. It’s just the opposite.  Kapil is an  extremely vulnerable man  who was  unequipped  to handle the  superstardom that hit him, and Indian television , like  a meteor. We didn’t see it coming. Neither did  Kapil.

Now that  it has  claimed him, the  stupendous success, he doesn’t know how  to handle it. I’ve known him since he  became THE Kapil Sharma and he has  never been anything less than warm affectionate , always sharing his inner-most fears and insecurities with me.

When  I spoke to  him after the Friday fireworks that eroded his reputation even  more,  he was not the least  apologetic. On the contrary  he  told me things related to the incident that further exposed the hollowness of this whole sham and shindig that we  call showbiz. In a world of makebelieve  where there are  no real friendships Kapil looks for genuinely unaffected  caring people.And when he doesn’t find them he recoils and hits  out at those very  people who use his superstardom  for their own  gains.

While it would be unethical of me  to reveal the shocking details that emerged from Kapil’s heartfelt  outpouring on Friday  night I  can say this  much without breaching his  trust: Kapil  is  very very hurt with the  betrayals that he has gone through  in the  past few years.

“How would you respond if  you went through the same things? Wouldn’t you be  angry? We all  have  our way of  expressing  anger, I  do  it with gaalis,” Kapil told me.

He also promised to  marry the  very devoted  very  intelligent and  sorted girlfriend Ginny, the mysterious girlfriend whom  no one knows  about, and whom Kapil says he is already married to  in his mind.Making it official would be just the  kind of  formality that’s abhorred by the informal unassuming unpretentious boy-man from Amritsar who brought so much laughter into our lives and I am sure will continue to do so in the feature.

​Kapil’s  ​is a sordid saga  of backstabbing and treachery. But not a  unusual one in our entertainment industry where opportunists get a  free run.And  no harm in  that. Everyone is here for big bucks and  if in process some feelings and egos are trampled, then  it’s all  part  of the game.Deal with it. Except, Kapilwho can’t.

We  won’t mention  the names  of Kapil’s colleages  on Comedy Nights who turned his life into a nightmare. They  know themselves. And  they know the naatak that they are carrying in the  press to make themselves look like injured martyrs while Kapil is painted as  the arrogant self-destructive entertainer who has  allowed his talent to be smothered by his insecurities.

This reputation,according to me,is ill-earned. The  tales of his drinking and ill health , though not untrue, are highly exaggerated and planted   in the media by some  of his colleagues  who wanted to become  bigger than Kapil Sharma.

We  will see you, Kapil, after the break.

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