Kapil Sharma Won’t Promote Firangi On Television

There is a rather cruel joke that Kapil Sharma  told me about his new film Firangi: “Everyone  promoted their films on my show.  But now where will I go?”

Kapil who is back from rehabilitation and  now in the pink of health was drawing attention to the fact that his super-popular show where stars made a beeline to promote their films has been temporarily closed down, thereby leaving no space for his own film’s promotion, at least none that Kapil would like to use.

One learns that Kapil’s new film Firangi  won’t be promoted on  the usual channels and  shows.

Apparently Kapil will do very selected publicity for Firangi.

Rajiev Dhingra  who directs Firangi and who is also Kapil’s best friend explains, “There is no need for Kapil to go from show to show. He  is a household name on television. Firangi is  not a comedy like his first feature filmKiss Kiss Ko Pyar Karoon was. It’s a  lighthearted look at the pre-Freedom era ,but not a comedy.We are opening on 24 November  after the big Diwali releases have settled down.”

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