Kapil Sharma’s Existential Crisis: Would It Cost Him His Career?


 He has done  it again. On  Tuesday , Kapil Sharma cancelled the shooting of  his new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma. The guest that evening was  Rani Mukerjee who was made to wait endlessly for Kapil to arrive for the shooting before being told that the shooting cannot happen.

What prompted  Kapil to encore his earlier no-show mistake that cost him his highly successful comedy show?

According to a very close friend Kapil has no answer. “When he didn’t turn up for  the shoot we tried calling him frantically. His phones were off.  Finally we got through on his girlfriend Ginny’s number to ask kya hua? His reply, ‘Kuch bhi nahin. Jee nahin karta hai.’ And that’s it.”

While the channel Sony Entertainment is understandably upset over the losses,  the star guest Rani Mukerjee is more concerned about Kapil’s mental health than anything else.

So the bigger question now being asked by those who are close to Kapil is, Tera Problem Kya Hai,Kapil?

Says a  close friend, “The answer is only this. ‘Jee nahin karta’. I don’t feel like it. How does one tackle this?We don’t know.We’ve tried everything.”

Kapil has consulted his Spiritual Guru as well as a renowned pschyo-therapist for answers to his depression. But nobody seemed to have a solution  to Kapil ’s acute problem.

When  I spoke to  him recently Kapil spoke his heart out. From what I could  make out the problem  is that  he is unable to  handle his success and he  is not emotionally equipped  to cope with the pitfalls of stardom. There’s also  the very serious problem  of  his relationship with a co-worker and a colleague who, friends say,  has Kapil completely in  her thrall.

“He can’t get out of his life, although she’s very harmful to his life and career.We’ve even told  him to get her back in his  life if that pulls him out of his depression.We just want  him to get well again at any cost,” says  a  very close friend.

Kapil’s words still ring in my ears.  “Ab bahot gaya.Ab mujhse nahin  hota. Jee karta hai sabb chhod doon(I’ve had enough. I can’t bear it  any longer. I feel  like leaving it all).”

While  close friends try to solve Kapil’s acute existential crisis, I can only pray for him to find the inner strength  to get over his condition.

Because finally the  only person   who can help Kapil Sharma is  Kapil Sharma.

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