Kapil Sharma’s Turns Racist, The Popular Comedy Show Crosses Limits

The Sunday episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil had Ranveer Singh sharing gags  and jokes with Kapil Sharma.Since Ranveer’s next film Befikre has a lot of kissing there were gags galore on the same.

One could say Ranveer and host Kapil Sharma gagged on the smooches. I deliberately refrain from mentioning the evening’s other guest Vani Kapoor who kept largely mum. But Ranveer and Kapil were unstoppable. The latter wanted to know if Ranveer had ever farted in public.

Ranveer giggled in the affirmative and vouched that he sometimes passed wind while kissing his co-star.

Vani Kapoor smiled in embarrassment, probably ruing the day she agreed to be part of a comedy show that has lately learnt the joys of raunchy expression. Ranveer grinned at every innuendo.

Either you hand it to this unstoppable livewire star for his honesty . Or you wonder if he ever stops from embarrassing himself.

The  episode was fun until a middleaged man of dark complexion was called on stage to cheat-kiss three comic actors, two of them dressed in drag, whose reaction was one of disgust, not because they minded being lipsmacked by a stranger. But because the stranger had dark skin.

Main isske saath apna mook kala nahin karta,” said one comedian in drag.

Mooh kala….dark faced… get it?

Then came the second racist jibe . “Have you drunk black coffee before coming here?”

Wonder what Kapil Sharma’s writers were thinking while writing such unabashedly colour-biased lines. Or is it anything for  laughs on Kapil’s show, just like it is on Comedy Night Bachao, the Kapail-deserted comedy show on a pathetic downhill course which most Bollywood stars have deserted as it insults every race of every species of humanity.

In fact John Abraham had walked out of the episode telecast on Sunday, a fact that host Bharti Singh desperately tried to conceal by declaring that John had gone backstage to wear his shoes.

However a close friend of John laughs at the feeble effort to cover up the crisis. “John left because he found the jokes objectionable. He wears chappals everywhere even to formal  parties and events. Why would he rush backstage to wear shoes?”

Earlier Tannisha Chatterjee had walked out Comedy Night Bachao for insulting comments on her skin colour.

One hopes Kapil Sharma’s show doesn’t plunge to the same nadir depths of TRP hunting.

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