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Karan Johar Backs Out, Prabhas Out-Prices  Himself  From Bollywood



 It looks  like Prabhas and Baahubali would remain  in a league of their own, never to be encored.One doesn’t know if filmmaker S S Rajamouli would ever make  film as grandly celebrated as Baahubali.

But as far as the Baahubali leading man Prabhas’ career in Bollywood is concerned it seems he have  hit a deadend  even before taking off.

According to sources the villain in Prabhas’s Bollywood career proved to be his price.

“Prabhas had worked in Baahubali for peanuts. He devoted five years of  his life to the twoBaahubali films and  it was only fair that he would want to  cash in on his new success,” says the source, adding that Prabhas went ahead  and asked for  a new  inflated price .

“But the price he asked for was staggering.While it was okay for him to ask and get his desired price—reportedly in the vicinity of Rs 20 crores—in Telugu cinema ,it was unrealistic for Prabhas to expect that  kind of remuneration  in Bollywood. No South Indian actor,  not even the mighty Rajinikanth has  that kind of commercial clout in Hindi cinema.Prabhas has clearly out-priced  himself  from Bollywood,” says an informed source.

One of the leading casualties  of  Prabhas’ inflated welfworth  is  the film he was supposed to do for Karan Johar’s Dharma  Productions.

Karan has apparently backed out of  the verbal commitment to launch Prabhas in Hindi.

Says a source, “After Baahubali and its sequel which Karan had co-produced, Karan was keen to launch Prabhas in Hindi cinema. But on seeing the price he was asking Karan  has decided to abandon  the idea of  launching Prabhas in Bollywood.”

At the moment Prabhas has the Telugu-Hindi-Tamil tri-lingual film Saaho only  to  see him into Hindi cinema. The  film is being shot simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi and one reason why Shradha Kapoor was roped in was to ensure a participative postivity in  Hindi moviegoers.

But can Saaho launch  Prabhas’ Hindi career? Doubtful. For that  you need a Bollywoodmovie moghul.Like Karan Johar.


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