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“Karan Johar Is Not To Blamed For Sushant’s Death,” Shatrughan Sinha

Is  it  right to  blame Karan Johar for  Sushant Singh Rajput’s death?

It is  unfair and futile to  blame  Karan  Johar for Sushant Singh  Rajput’s death.First of all, who is  Karan Johar to make or  unbreak careers?  I don’t think he  sees himself that way at all. 

But he has made many stars?

Star-maker yes, and he has  given the film industry some remarkable  talent like  Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Siddharth  Malhotra and so many talented directors. Why is  everyone  forgetting that?

Do  you  see  Karan as a  star-breaker? 

I don’t think anyone can break your  destiny. Jo kismet mein  likha hai wohi hoga.When  I   came  to Mumbai  from Patna  I just had a  few  hundred rupees in my pocket.I was  determined  to be an  actor at any cost. I had to  face a  lot of insults. I never  forgot them.

There  is  a story of a top heroine   from the  1960s and  70s who snubbed  you  at  the  start of  your  career when you  had  a  bit role in a  film starring she. Many years later when  you  worked  together as equals  you   got even by  shouting, ‘Where  is the Dettol?. I need to sanitize myself,’ after  you two  were  introduced.Comment?

(laughs) I’d rather dwell on  the  beautiful positive  people I met  on my journey to stardom.Like the gorgeous  Mumtaz. She was  the top heroine. She recommended me  for my role took me  under herwings. We remain friends  to  this day.If  strugglers in the film industry meet not so nice people, they  also meet lovely  people  who are helpful  supportive and encouraging.

Your last words on Karan  Johar?

Karan’s father(producer Yash Johar) was  a lovely kind  man. I worked with  him. My daughter has worked with Karan. He  has worked to get  where he is.Being born in a film family doesn’t automatically  qualify you for success. Likewise  being an outsider  doesn’t  disqualify  you from stardom. And  Sushant was  a very  successful star.

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