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Karan Johar Rethink For 2020



Barring Good Newzz at the end  of  2019,  all the  other  productions  of Karan  Johar during the last year were failures, putting Johar’s company Dharma  Productions on  its backfoot.

 One hears  Karan Johar  is doing some serious introspection and soul-churning about  Dharma’s plans  in 2020.

“From scrapping  commercially uncertainly projects,  to cutting down the  budget  of  his ambitious  directorial Takht, Karan  Johar is considering all of that,” says a source  in the  know.

Since  comedy worked for  Dharma in 2019, Dostana 2 which is a lighthearted look at a gay relationship versus a heterosexual alliance,  is  going ahead  full –throttle .Apparently  Ayan Mukerjee’s  lavish sci-fi  Bramhastra  which is  the most expensive  film ever  produced  by Dharma, has  been told to  tighten its  budget.

“Ayan has been over-shooting Bramhastra. The film is taking  longer to complete than any other previous Dharma  production. Costly stars  like Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, all of whom have been paid their market price,  are apparently charging extra for all the additional dates needed to complete Bramhastra,” informs  the source.

 It’s  time for Karan Johar to  tighten the screw  on  the production expenses. One hears  that no  Dharma Production will be shot abroad  in  2020. A couple  of  films on the anvil may even be scrapped.

The  lavish Santa-like generosity  of  Karan  Johar is  now  a thing  of  the past.If you want to  make a  film for Dharma Productions  you will have  to  justify every penny that  you spend.